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  • Who knew travel gear could be so sexy?
    ~Shauna Mei -
  • Attention travel sirens: bulky money belts ruining your sexy sillhouette?
    Dovetail travel in peace has designed a better mousetrap. Love them! Both the 'travel band' and the 'travel wing' are worlds sleeker than any money belt on the market! Bravo!
    ~TravelMermaid -
  • I love the sleek, form fitting design and sheer material. So next time you are traveling on an overnight train; exploring cities notorious for pickpockets, such as Rome, Paris, Buenos Aires or Hanoi; or heading to destinations off the beaten path; be sure to bring Dovetail travel in peace 'travel safe body bands' along. A must for women who love to travel.
    ~Erja Lipponen - WanderWoman Tours
  • On my recent trip to New Orleans, I tested out the Dovetail travel in peace 'travel band' and 'travel wing'. While I didn't need my passport, I did feel surprisingly more secure knowing I had hidden just-in-case cash and credit cards. Especially as a female traveling alone, this was a bigger relief than I had expected.
    ~Pause the Moment -
  • Designed and developed by an experienced, independent woman traveler for all women who love to travel, both functional and flattering.
    ~Top Travel Gear

  • Dovetail travel in peace has the best travel products on the market. I can't wait to see the new products
    ~Sofia Ocampo -
  • What a concept! I L~O~V~E the 'travel safe body bands' by Dovetail travel in peace
    ~Karma Positivo -
  • I've always said I'd make a million bucks if I could create the perfect way for women to carry their money and passport. I think Dovetail travel in peace might have come up with what I've been wishing for for years
  • What a great innovation! I wish you success- such a great product.
  • While most travelers use money belts or neck pouches, these are often obvious to would-be theives. The 'travel safe body bands' by Dovetail travel in peace stay hidden under your clothes, you barely notice them. That keeps your passport, credit cards and cash safe during your travels taking the worry out of travel so you can focus on your adventure.
    ~Women Travel Gear
  • As a former Peace Corps volunteer, I appreciate the potential inconspicuousness of the 'travel safe body bands' for women travelers by Dovetail travel in peace.
    ~Samantha Marangell - ShesWanderful